Feet! Balloons! What more could you want? Bare feet with pretty
pedicured toes, feet in socks, and feet in sexy high heels-- all
paired up with tightly inflated balloons. These videos are the best
you'll find anywhere.


Fan favorite Matty poses with an oversized silver round, highlighting
her long, slender feet. She kneels on it, steps on it, and stretches
the already strained neck with her toes. This girl is loving every
minute of it, too. Matty and that balloon are a match made in heaven
and a sight to behold!


The lovely bare-footed Asti tiptoes her way through a beautiful,
bountiful, bouncy pile of balloons in a few different colors. She
becomes merciless, stepping on them and threatening to pop them with
her feet. She just might-- those poor balloons! Lots of serious
stretching here.


Sweet, exotic Honey has her way with an eight-foot sky-blue worker
balloon here. Her lovely feet stretch and pull the latex, enjoying the
flexibility as it threatens to burst with her every move. High arches,
wrinkled soles, painted toenails, and one very overworked worker.